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    Greencof. Worldwide delivery, from only a small quantity of bags to cargo loads
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    Discover our range of fairtrade and sustainable coffee.
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    A focus on people and environment.

Greencof is active on the international market of green unroasted coffee.

Welcome to our website. On the following pages we kindly present you an impression of our company, our activities and how we can be of service to you.


Our Services

  • Greencof

    Greencof is active on the international market of green unroasted coffee. “Specialty” coffee from many coffee producing countries takes a special place in our assortment. Unroasted “specialty” coffee is purchased by Greencof in these countries and exported to buyers all over the world. From storage in Antwerp or Hamburg or directly from the producing country itself. It goes without saying that we have a clear focus on sustainably produced coffees, such as fairtrade, organic, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ.
  • Short lines, competitive prices

    Over the last decade we have extended our network considerably, allowing us to provide a wide range of coffee varieties worldwide. Thanks to our short lines we are able to provide adequate service and quality products, at competitive prices. Logistically we can offer coffee varieties worldwide, from only a small quantity of bags to full container loads, including transport
  • Europe and the world

    whether it be deliveries by full container or only a small quantity of bags, Greencof approaches every order with the same attention and care. Thanks to suppliers in many places in the world we are able to deliver a very wide range of coffees, from our strategic warehouses in Europe or directly from country of origin.

Team Greencof

Of course we don’t do this work all by ourselves. Meet one of our teams.

Leon Zaal

Managing Director

The interest in sustainable coffee has increased significantly over the years. A development which I expect to further increase. Coffee is a great product, but every sip tastes better when you know it has been produced with a keen eye for people and environment.